Frequently Asked Questions


We currently only allow for Facebook-only registration to keep Nightly safe. By linking personal Facebook accounts to Nightly accounts, users are less likely to say or do shady crap.
Click "Login with Facebook" on the main screen, allow access, and complete the registration process by answering all of the quesions.
Once you register go to the main menu, and edit profile. From there you can add more photos and organize them how you like.
However, you don't have to write a bio.
Unselect "Single and Ready to Mingle" during registration, and all plan-making and everything else you do in Nightly will be kept private. Use Nightly as a tool to make plans with friends.
No, you do not.
However, if you have a code use it!
We pull this information from Facebook based on your birthday. Update your birthday in Facebook, and it will automatically update your age in Nightly.

Making Plans

Click the 'Make Plans' button, select a venue, and make your plans.
Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.
When making plans you will be given the option to tag FB friends. Friends that have Nightly will automatically be included in your plans. If your tagged friends don't yet have Nightly, you can easily invite them before you finish making plans and earn free stuff. Yasss.
Easy. You can cancel your plans by viewing the ticket, cancel, and make new plans. You can click the ticket icon under a user in the 'Hot People' view, or you can change your plans by clicking on the venue you want to go to instead.
Click the ticket containing your plans and then click the cancel icon at the top right of the screen. If you have purchased cover/line-skip, you will not be charged.
Hot Venues are a listing of the most popular venues around you based on the number of people with plans there. You can also use the search bar, or map to search for venues around you.
Making plans pushes your profile to the top of 'Hot People.' If you want to maximize your ability to connect with other singles, make plans, and make them often! Make plans at the coffee shop you're at, gym, or the bar you want to go to tonight.
If you are single, all other users that fit who you are looking for can see your plans -- except for users that you have blocked. If your status changes and you are no longer single, you can update that in your settings, and all future plans made are kept completely private.
No, not at once. If moving around throughout the day, or bar hopping, simply change your plans accordingly.


You wink at them, and hope that they wink back. That's when the magic happens.
They're on the main screen under 'Hot People,' under 'Going' in venues, or in venue chat. Also, D&D meetups.
Say "Netflix & chill?"
Invite friends by clicking the menu at the top left of the main screen, or tag Facebook friends while making plans. You can also just tell them when you see them.
Once your friends have Nightly you can chat by clicking the message icon on the top right of the main screen. Then, click 'New Chat' and all friends that have Nightly will appear there. Select one to chat individually, or select multiple friends to creat a group chat. Also, carrier pigeons and soup cans.
You don't. Ever.
You can click the flag icon at the top right of the screen on a user's profile. If in a chat, click the cog at the top right of the screen. If in venue chat click that person's chat message.
You need current plans at that particular venue in order to participate in that venue's chat.

My Account

Edit pics, job, school, likes, and bio under 'Edit Profile' from the main menu. Edit what you're looking for under 'Preferences' from the main menu.
When you use a new credit card, it automatically overwrites your current saved card.
Easy. Change your relationship status under 'Edit Profile' from the main menu.
Just be you.
You awesome person you.


Click the main menu.
Click tokens.
Click buy tokens.
Select pack, and buy.
(must have card linked to iTunes)
Once you click buy, they're yours.
You are only charged for cover/line-skip when door staff clicks to accept entry for you.
If you are the victim of fraud or some other shit, send us a message below.

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